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A wedding cake that tastes as good as it looks.

No matter how beautiful your wedding cake looks it has to taste even better. Very important!

So when you’re deciding on who should make your wedding cake, the consultation and tasting session is very important. You want your wedding guests to not only be wow’d by the cake design but also love your sponge flavour choices.

During a consultation and cake tasting it’s ok to ask about flavours, what are the most popular, what if some of my guests have an intolerance or are vegan. Its part of our job as bakers to talk you through your options.

With a wide selection of delicious flavours to choose from we always like to make sure you can find a combination you love. Yes, a classic Victoria (vanilla sponge, raspberry jam and a light vanilla buttercream) is a firm favourite and crowd pleaser, which most do choose for at least one of their tiers. But it’s nice to have at least one of your tiers as a surprise, a bit of a curve ball, or an unusual flavour combination.

Popular last year were salted caramel, raspberry and white chocolate and pistachio & rose. This year I’ve added a few new flavours for the summer, vanilla and blueberry, lemon elderflower & poppy seed and peach melba. Not only do they taste great, they also look really lovely as part of a naked or semi-naked cake as you can have some of the fruit filling oozing decadently from between the cake slices, or mixed in with the buttercream to create beautiful natural colours. Just something to think about!

So how do we make sure our sponges taste great and are moist and fresh for your wedding day. Firstly, we use pure butter, it makes a rich but light sponge. We also use a lot of syrups and drizzles in between the cake layers which adds to the flavour as well as keeping the sponge lovely and moist right up until your guests eat their slice in the evening.

Some of us just love cake, the sweeter the better, but I often get asked if I can make a less sweet, lighter sponge. And to a certain degree yes. Fresh unsweetened fruit fillings add a sharpness while a Swiss meringue buttercream is a lighter, less sweet alternative to a traditional buttercream.

Whatever your preference we would always talk you through the best options and possible combinations to go for, as some of these may not be suitable for scorching hot days in a 30 degree marquee.

For this reason, a wedding consultation is such an important part of planning and selecting the best wedding cake designer and more importantly the sponge choice for you.

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