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Start Planning Your Wedding Cake

Updated: May 16, 2020

When should I book my wedding cake?

It’s never too early to book any wedding supplier, especially if you love what they do and don’t want to miss out. Like me, many suppliers specialise in a bespoke individual service and like us, would usually only book one wedding or event per day. So you can imagine how quickly we get booked up for our bespoke wedding cakes and desserts, especially during the busy summer period.

Most couples come to me with their date and venue already booked, this means we have something to work towards when planning their wedding cake. And the venue can also be a great source of inspiration, whether it’s the beautiful and regal Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, rustic charm of South Farm in Cambridgeshire (I must mention the unbelievably cute piglets) or a festival marquee in your local farmers field; your choice of venue often reflects the style of your wedding.

So what if you’re very organised and have confirmed your date and venue for 2 years time?

Great! It’s never too early to start talking to suppliers, we can help focus your ideas, inspiration, give options and advice and suggestions you may not have considered.

And if you don’t have numbers yet, flavour choices, or are worried you might change your mind on colours and size of cake, then don’t worry. We know things can change throughout the months of planning up until the big day; and love working closely with you and your venue to help accommodate your change of plans. So if you did decide you now want to go for gold leaf and doves (only a suggestion) then we can adjust your booking accordingly.

With all that said, some weddings are planned within a matter of a few months and wow there are some organised couples out there. What we say is if the date is available we are always happy to book you in.

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